Some Interesting Things About Me I Like to Pretend Are Perfectly Normal

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All about Ashley J. Harmon

Authors are rarely how you expect them to be. Ashley’s no different. From cult classics to nearly falling off a treadmill during World War Z, here’s a closer look at thriller author, Ashley J. Harmon.

First, I absolutely love cult classic

First, I absolutely love cult classic, so terrible they are good B movies.  Honestly, the more ridiculous the better!  I absolutely loved Earth Girls Are Easy because the entire thing is riddled with just so much awful joy!  On top of its ridiculous premise, it’s also a musical– yes, I’m being serious. You must Google it.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Pair it with cheap Chinese food

When I’m not spending my time being an author up in my office, My husband and I especially love to pair these with cheap Chinese food!  Because, while most of the things we eat we would actually classify as pretty healthy (thanks to the advent of 30 that hit our waistlines pretty hard), every once in a while you need a good hit of excellent garbage!  My favorite item? Spring rolls!

Early morning comes with a dose of this…

My husband and I love to go to the gym every morning!  It may be because it’s a break from the kids, maybe the endorphin thing. Most days you will find me lifting weights, but when a great movie finds its way into the cardio cinema room schedule, I am always on the second row of treadmills.

Of course, with that comes the constant fear that I will end up on a gym fail channel on YouTube.  I tend to be a very jumpy person who absolutely doesn’t like to be scared– as a thriller writer, the irony’s not lost on me–and coordinating running on a treadmill with intense action flicks has proven to be a difficult task for me.  I swear I fell off the treadmill 6 times while watching World War Z.  Luckily, the regulars have gotten used to the strange girl in the corner who randomly flails and crashes.  If I come in to an intense movie, it’s like clockwork, I will fall down. In fact, I think the regs may find comfort in knowing some things will always be the same.

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Ashley Harmon, author of thrillers

Speaking of a perfect pair, I refuse to eat this with that…

I love Doritos with fat-free cottage cheese.  Maybe it’s that I feel the fat-free cottage cheese balances out the not-so-healthy for you chips, but mostly it is so delicious!  Won’t eat one without the other. In fact, if I do have cottage cheese in our fridge, it probably has nacho cheese dust in it because I scoop it right out of the container.  I know it sounds gross, but I swear my kids won’t eat it, and my husband is my partner-in-crime in further spreading the Dorito dust.

I also might have held my brother-in-law hostage

Well, not my brother-in-law, just his mug. My love of Doritos and cottage cheese sometimes reaches strong levels. See, my brother-in-law once left his favorite mug at our house after a family party. Rather than call him to tell him to swing around and grab it, I might’ve seen an ‘opportunity’. The next day, I texted my brother-in-law to tell him I had his water mug and demanded Doritos and cottage cheese on my porch for ransom.  I told him they must be spicy nacho and it must be fat-free cottage cheese. 

Being a good sport, my ransom demands were met and he showed up ready to make the exchange (he has long since grown accustomed to my good-natured antics). 

Author Ashley Harmon at the Grand Tetons

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